Art Direction, Concept, Production


Conceptual solution for the popular magazines live brief about Artificial Intelligence created by Bior Elliot exploring the impact of AI in fashion and image creation on our awareness of identity and self-expression.

Artworks shown at Air Max Day CH and Dalston Superstore (London).

Nutt was deeply captivated by emerging technologies in her youth, and the questions surrounding digital mediums enhancing our perception inspire her continually. Growing up with roots in different locations, the themes of identity and genuine feelings of home have always been at the forefront of her work, shaping her view and creative process. This project reflects a personal journey, using a range of mediums such as photography, matte painting, and artificial intelligence to portray emotionally sonorous stories.

Artwork and Creative Direction: Sam Nutt @electric_dreama #ElectricDreama #SamNutt
Photography: Celine Luetolf @celineluetolf
Post Production: Sam Nutt @electric_dreama
Analogue Headpiece: Jana Čolić @jana.colic
Digital Fashion / Enhancement: Sam Nutt @electric_dreama
MUA: Jacqueline Gassner @jaeggerx
Lights: Celine Luetolf @celineluetolf
Models: Sam Nutt @electric_dreama, Nicole Kuhn @nicoleakuhn_
Studio Assistant: Nicole Kuhn @nicoleakuhn_
Location / Studio: Racerfish (CH) @racerfish_official
Language: EN
Agency: NA
Year: 2023