Procedural, 3D

New Dawn

Procedural visualisations for the online virtual reality group exhibitions from global contributors.

In the organic future of 2070, humanity utilizes advanced technology to mimic and recreate nature, resulting in a new visual culture where artificial interpretations of ecosystems and organisms are shaped using machines and AI, symbolized by gloves as tools of creation.

NEW DAWN ‘Tools to Touch in Times Ahead’ is a collaborative project that brings together 57 creatives from all over the world working in different fields of visual and performative arts, graphic design and curatorial practices.

Generative Artwork, Concept, Rendering: Sam Nutt
Video by New Dawn:
Web Coding: @hongwei_tang
Virtual Exhibition design: @mxmlnmrchr @a.felipe.duque @adrian.bolog
Typeface: @abcdinamo
Project Initiated: @tobias.faisst
Involved: @a.felipe.duque @abcdinamo @alicezani @actetm @balfu @benjamin_muzzin @bzabiz @camillejapson @charlotte__rohde @cs__laur @davdpadilla @dean.giffin @electric_dreama @hongwei_tang @twoandtall @ignantproduction @julia_kobe @johannaburai @johannagauder @kamilla_richter @kiwibravo @leeeezaaaa @lie__ning @lokidolor @loopinglovers @luka.lavrenci @lukas.popp
@maria_boman @margot.leveque @mariansck
@mate_steinforth @mxmlnmrchr @omfdofficial @ohcvrolinv
@ozelotltd @paola_pinna_art @playdough_brain @sascha.bente @sixnfive @sophiabrinkgerd @steffenhotel @studio24.24 @studiowolfra @svataaan @schoenherr007 @tobias.faisst @un.studios @yi_wei_tien
@vivien_hoffmann_ @christopher.saintlaurent

New Dawn          
Tools to Touch in Times Ahead
Language: EN, DE
Agency: Freelance
Year: 2020