Sam Nutt is a versatile and experienced creative leader with a robust design and digital innovation background. Recognised for driving transformative projects, Nutt has a proven ability to scale design teams and foster a culture of creativity and collaboration. With expertise in digital tools, Nutt delivers distinctive experiences and aligns design initiatives with strategic business objectives. Having worked with renowned brands and start-ups, she brings a unique blend of visionary thinking and hands-on execution, ensuring remarkable results in every project.

Sam Nutt

🔗 @electric_dreama

Studio Space
Clapton Studio
London E5 

ADC Young Creatives Award: Category Cyber Shortlist (2024)
Facet: Artist Grant (2022)
Grass’sche Schulstiftung (2021)
Philipp und Martha Rosenau Stiftung (2021)
Kanton St. Gallen GBS: Awarded Final Piece (2019)

Nike Air Max Day (2023)
Dalston Superstore (2023)
Jeans4Jesus Book Launch (2022)
New Dawn (2021)
Attheoffspace (Werkerei) Zurich (2020)
Visuals at Palace St. Gallen (2020)