In the first campaign for Livique, we emphasized the individuality of living with a custom composed song and visually powerful scenes. At the center is the key question "Is this from Livique?", which is intended to playfully strengthen the brand presence of the Swiss furniture store through the earworm. 

Responsible at Livique: Oliver Roth (Company manager Livique) Fatima Gmati (Marketing Manager); Responsible at Jung von Matt Limmat: Carsten Jamrow (Excecutive Creative Direction), Cansu Sezer (Creative Direction), Sophia Kramer, Elif Soysal (Copy), Samantha Nutt (Art Direction), Marcella Corti (Strategie), Pascal Fuhrer (Account Management), Marianne Sauter, Andrea Schütz (Account Direction), Mark Róta (Agency Producing); Responsible at blish: Jessica Kottmeyer (Web Publisher), Roman Aebi (Interactive Media Designer), Jana Weber (Junior Account Manager), Fabrizio Rutishauser (Lead Photo Editing/Photography), Jlona Kopf (Managing Director); Responsible at Mmaattcchh Collective: Baris Aladag (Director), Peter Matjasko (DOP), Jürgen Kraus (Producer), Jeroen van der Spek (Photography); Responsible at AHOImusic: Tommy Peters. (pd/spo)
Ist das von Livique?
Language: EN, DE, FR, IT
Agency: Jung von Matt Limmat
Year: 2023/2024