Migros: Boss Murpfi

Children aged 4 to 8 need significant role models who tell them tangible stories to develop positive characteristics such as courage, integrity, and compassion.

We are making Murpfi the boss of Migros! Murpfi actively engages with the new "Murpfi Department" to drive positive changes that enhance the lives of children in Zurich and the community. Through exciting stories, children learn about the challenges Murpfi faces as the boss of Migros and are encouraged to believe in themselves and pursue big dreams.

We launched a series of short stories that focus on Murpfi's adventures as boss. These stories are available on platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, and the Murpfi website. Additionally,  an official press release is issued with extensive media outreach about Murpfi's new role as the CEO of Migros.

Art Direction: Sam Nutt
Strategy: Theresa Rauh
Award: Young ADC 2024 Category Cyber Shortlist
Year: 2024
Murpfi Boss
Language: DE
Agency: Jung von Matt Limmat
Year: 2024